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1 Minute Demo

Welcome to Threadeo. Get ready to learn faster and make better decisions.


Once you log into our secure web-based platform with your email address and create a password, you'll be ready to upload your video and audio files. You can upload them practically instantly by connecting to a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox. Alternatively you can upload them for your computer, upload time will depend on bandwidth.


Threadeo's artificial intelligence will do 96% of the work and transcribe the video in minutes and create searchable interactive timestamped transcripts. To finish the remaining 4%, edit the transcript, find the spot that you need to change and Save. And then with one click download the transcript and use it for SEO, to start a blog, or for anything else.


Now you're ready to collaborate. Highlight any part of the transcript, click create clip and you'll create a shareable clip in seconds. You can also give the clip a title or add a note. If you want to send it to somebody just click on the share icon, add the person's email address, add a little note and click invite. They'll receive an email with a link to the specific clip so you can start collaborating.


When you are ready, you can deep search "inside" video and audio files. You can search inside and across thousands of hours of video files. Find the exact spot you need, click on it and then go right to the exact spot in the video audio file.


Welcome to Threadeo where you can unlock the value of your video and audio with the help of artificial intelligence.