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Conference Engagement



We enable you to take your best assets — the content generated through your conference’s keynotes, panel discussions, & breakout sessions — quickly identify the most valuable pieces within each individual session, clip them, and share via social media, YouTube, or your own website. 


Transcribe, Search, Highlight, Create Clips, Collaborate

We use the most advanced speech to text technology to create time-synched rough ASCII transcripts within minutes. A two-hour deposition can be returned as a rough ASCII within about 5 minutes. We then use natural language processing to read the transcript to identify and highlight key people, places, phrases, and sentiments to make it easy to skim for critical information.

Boost Efficiency Using a Secure Platform

  • Increase Speed.  Get a rough transcript within minutes and not days.

  • Find information faster: Let AI highlight key information for you in seconds.

  • Improve team collaboration: Highlight any part of the transcript to create a clip that can be shared in seconds via email or create a downloadable clip with closed caption files to insert into other case management tools. 

  • Create notes faster. Download an immediate copy of the deposition record (rough ASCII) for print, and make notes that can help you in the following day’s proceedings. This is better than physically writing down what you remember from the proceedings. Not only is the current approach be unreliable, but will also takes time.

  • Improve planning for next day’s hearing, deposition or follow-up. A digital transcript time-synced to the video or audio of the proceedings not only provides you with the ability to make notes for future motions, but it also allows you to summarize the day. You can create clips to distribute for follow-up by your staff.

  • Improve witness preparation: By having a searchable video and rough transcript you can easily review how a witness answered questions, identify any weaknesses in testimony or in the opposing counsel’s witness testimonies.


Request a free trial

Request a free trial. Receive a 15 minute overview and mini training on how to improve your efficiency by making AI work for you. Your first 90 minutes of transcription and first month subscription are free, credit card required. Cancel anytime.


Securely upload files

Upload depositions to Threadeo or allow Threadeo to pull video files from Dropbox, Box, Google or other. Our platform offers industry standard security tools and processes to keep your information safe; encrypted in transit and at rest at our enterprise grade data centers.


Easily Edit and Review

Threadeo transcribes all deposition video content at machine speed to make it searchable and indexable while highlighting keywords and topics in depositions. Easily make minor edits to perfect the transcript. Review Rough ASCII in minutes and download or print the transcript if needed. Click on any part of the transcript and jump to that part in the video or audio.


Export and share

Download your final transcript in a Rough ASCII format to match your current workflow. Create short downloadable clips in seconds.

Improve productivity in the litigation process

Get Rough ASCII in minutes

Within minutes you can review a rough ASCII of a deposition

Search Inside Audio

Search for any spoken words across your entire audio or video library

Create Audio/Video Clips

Highlight any portion of the transcript to create a clip to share via email or simply download the clip for export.

Export in Multiple Formats

Export and print transcripts already formatted in a legal format or download PDF,.txt, and word.

Upload Exhibits (coming soon)

Upload exhibits (PDFs, images) and Threadeo will index every word so you can search inside exhibits.

AI Assist (coming soon)

Upload key words or phrases you want Artificial Intelligence to search for and highlight in depositions or exhibits to find the information you need faster.

Magic Folders (coming soon)

Organize your folders according to your workflow. Name them by case, search inside a folder or across your entire library.  Let AI auto folder your content to speed up the process.

Sync Final Certified Transcript To Deposition Video (coming soon)

Upload the court approved transcript to Threadeo and AI will sync it with the deposition video. Create a digital library for search.

Threadeo reduces the time it takes for an attorney to get up to speed on a case and helps them improve arguments by augmenting their cognitive abilities with AI enabling them to process vast amounts of information faster.

Rapid Transcription

Our automated and secure speech-to-text cloud based software typically transcribes a 60-minute audio recording in 5-6 minutes.

Easy Importing

Upload most audio/video file formats from Dropbox, Google Drive,  or from your local computer. Upload multiple files at the same time.  Also use our API.


Our AI based automated provides high quality punctuation and capitalization.


Data encryption via Secure SSL upload/download and storage.

Edit Text - Browser

Threadeo’s editor to easily review and edit your transcripts. Click Edit, click on a word, see the cursor, and start editing.

Synchronized Text

Click on any part of the transcript and play the audio or video from that exact moment.


Threadeo is incredible! It usually takes an hour to hand-transcribe 15 minutes of audio. Threadeo frees my team to focus on listening and learning rather than typing. Threadeo has changed how we work.”

—Mark, COO,  Texas