Threadeo Inc. is a workflow and content transformation company. Our mission is to make professionals worldwide more productive and connected by simplifying workflows and removing language barriers.



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Threadeo is the most advanced online platform integrating automated transcription, language translation, and collaboration for video and audio powered by leading artificial intelligence.

Fast transcription

Our automated speech-to-text engine listens and transcribes a 60-minute audio recording in about 5 minutes. Available in 25+ languages.

Language translation

Communicate with global teams. Translate transcripts within 2 minutes. Translations also time synced to the video. Available in 25+ languages.

Easy uploading

Easily upload most audio/video file formats from your computer or Dropbox and Google Drive. For large volumes, use our API.

Call recording

Take better notes, faster. Record any conference call (Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.) and get a time-synced transcript, just by dialing in.

Synchronized audio & text

Click on any part of the transcript and Threadeo automatically plays the video and audio starting at that exact moment, along with closed captions.

Secure Cloud Storage 

Easily access your video/audio content anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer. Your files are encrypted during upload and at rest.

Flexible exports & views

Export the transcript into multiple formats including DOCX, TXT, PDF, VTT, SRT and more. Legal professionals can also view transcripts in Rough ASCII format.

Share with colleagues

Collaborate by sharing a video 

via secure email invite from Threadeo. 

Your colleague will be able to create a  FREE account (no credit card required) to view and collaborate.

Browser based editor

Our browser-based editor enables you to make any edits to perfect the synchronized transcript while listening to the audio/video file.

Search your entire archive

Threadeo automatically indexes every word. Our search engine enables you to search inside the video and audio to jump to the exact moment you need in a video/audio file for playback.

Integrated video player

Transcripts automatically scroll so you can review text while the video is playing. The yellow highlights draw your attention to portions of the transcript that may be of interest.

Create and download clips 

Create clips by highlighting any part of the transcript. Invite others to the clip via email. Download clips and their associated caption files for social media or editing in other software.

Account Management

Grant your team access to Threadeo. As a special offer, add an unlimited number of basic accounts to bring on your whole team in one go.

User permissions

Three user permission levels enable you to manage team member  access and permissions for greater control and performance.

Centralized billing

All transcription, translation, call recording, and platform subscription 

costs for your team are consolidated into one invoice (Enterprise).

Custom dictionary

Add words or phrases specific to your company or industry to your custom dictionary. Threadeo will do a special search for them to transcribe them as you need going forward. (Enterprise)

Organize with labels

Organize all your audio/video files and transcripts by easily placing them into labeled folders to match your workflows.

Content Analytics

View a graph showing all the key topics mentioned in a video or audio file. Threadeo extracts key entities from unstructured data and automatically formats data to feed into business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI.


Threadeo takes a layered, redundant, and adversarial approach to keep you safe while in motion or at rest in our platform. We accomplish this through a matrix of industry-standard tools, technologies, and processes.

Automated Closed Captions

Threadeo auto generates closed captions and inserts them into our video player.  Closed captions can be generated in multiple languages and downloaded for use in other media players.

White label

Threadeo is available as a white label. Put your logo in place of Threadeo's logo and offer Threadeo to your customers under your brand. No updates or maintenance for your to worry about. Just sell.