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We help financial analysts get up to speed faster on key trends affecting investments to make better decisions.

Threadeo can auto dial into an earnings call or meeting, transcribe the call in minutes and use machine learning to highlight key moments and phrases in the call. It then searches for these relevant key words and phrases across multiple databases including SEC docs, Case Laws, C-Span, Clinical Trial data, Economic Indicators, and government databases to compress the most valuable information for review in less time.  It also searches social media for real-time sentiment on key words to better inform analysts on trends and market sentiment. Analysts can add notes to video and audio clips and save customized search results to share with others to collaborate.

As more video or audio files are uploaded, our search functionality continues to search many databases to update financial analysts to update investment thesis. All video and audio moments are indexable making it easy to deep link to facts discovered in video and audio assets to enhance collaboration.   How it works:

  1. Threadeo dials into earning call or team meeting. Or Upload audio or video into Threadeo for processing.

  2. Threadeo transcribes all video or audio content at machine speed to make it searchable and indexable while highlighting keywords and topics in associate with facts in other databases.

  3. Threadeo searches databases to find relevant facts to augment the analyst’s skill to process information faster to make better decision.

Threadeo Finance augments the capabilities of Financial Analysts by enabling their team to process enormous amounts of information faster.