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Global Teams



Threadeo's Global Teams is a voice collaboration platform designed to help you get the most out of your meetings and reduce language barriers experienced by global teams.


With Global Teams, you can record conference calls, webinars, or training sessions in near-real time from a regional meeting in one location and translate transcripts into other languages in under 5 minutes to share with colleagues worldwide thus removing the constraint of language, or the time and cost penalty of manual translation.

Blazing Fast

 Call, Record, Transcribe, and Translate into other Languages

Here’s what Global Teams does for you:

  1. It records any meeting or conference call that has a US dial-in number (Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and many more), and automatically generates a high-quality transcript (in one of 30+ languages) within minutes.

  2. Within this transcript It identifies specific moments within the meeting that correspond to actions, follow-ups, questions, and more -- and generates color-coded highlights for each.

  3. It translates that meeting from the language in which it occurred to any of the other 30+ languages currently supported -- while retaining the color-coded highlights. So that any colleague, anywhere, can skim through to understand what happened in the meeting.

Boost Efficiency Using a Secure Language Translation Platform

Global Teams records any conference call or meeting (Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and many more) that has a dial-in number and can translate it into 30+ other languages. Immediately after the call, Global Teams creates a transcript of the meeting in minutes, syncs the transcript to the audio, and indexes every word making it easy to search and capture highlights to share and create actionable recaps. Download the transcript to quickly create followup notes. By having Global Teams dial into conference lines, calls, or record on phone in-person for later upload, you can focus on moving the conversation forward, instead of repeatedly interrupting the flow to take down notes. Global Teams has you covered.


Global Teams enables you to have your own AI in meetings.  It does the heavy lifting to help capture key takeaways and turn talk into action items. Global Teams is designed to help you increase productivity and better team collaboration.  



  • Video/Audio upload- upload most video and audio file types for Globa Teams to transcribe to enable fast extraction of meeting highlights and tasks to put into Salesforce, Zapier, Jira and Trello.

  • Full Replay  Anytime- view a full playback of your meeting, so you can see what was shared over the web conference.

  • Enhanced Transcript - a refined transcript of your full meeting that has been passed through multiple layers of error and punctuation correction.

  • File Upload/Attachments (coming soon) - attach images and PDFs to your meeting so they can be accessed later by meeting attendees.

  • Highlighted Actions (coming soon) - Global Teams will listen for key terms, such as “Action item, To do, Remind Me, Email, Call, Share, Schedule, Agenda, Decided, and others” and will highlight them in the transcript so you can easily pull them out after the call to create follow up notes and action items for team members. 


Request a free trial

Request a free trial. Receive a 15 minute overview and mini training on how to improve your efficiency by making AI work for you. Your team's first 120 minutes of transcription and translation are free. Credit card required. Cancel anytime.


Easy to Use

Login into Threadeo, click on Record a Call, and add the US based phone #.  Global Teams, by Threadeo, will auto-join any meeting via dial in. You can also record a meeting on your mobile phone and upload the meeting afterwords to get the transcript.


Easily Edit and Review

Transcribe all calls at machine speed to make them searchable and indexable while highlighting keywords and topics in meetings. Easily make minor edits to perfect the transcript. Review transcripts in minutes and download or print the transcript if needed. Click on any part of the transcript and jump to that part in the video or audio.


Translate and share

Translate transcripts into 30+ languages. Download your final transcript in .txt, pdf, or .docx to match your current workflow. Create short downloadable clips in seconds.

Improve global team productivity

Global Teams works in any meeting that has a dial-in US-based phone number. Conference calls, direct calls and in-person meetings. You can view all your past meeting minutes and full transcripts with time-synched audio anytime on desktop or mobile. Improve global team collaboration by translating meetings

Global Teams, by Threadeo, reduces the time it takes for teams to translate meetings into other languages by augmenting their cognitive abilities with AI enabling them to process vast amounts of information faster.

Customer Meetings

Global Teams records the meeting, creates a full transcript, highlights key sections, and enables you to download the text so you can create follow up emails.  Easily share the meeting with anyone on your team. Translate into another language to ensure your global team is up to speed.

Internal Team Meetings

Global teams are having internal status or stand-up meetings in multiple languages full of action items. It enables teams to translate these meetings into other languages to improve communication. Log back into Threadeo Global Teams to review and listen to key parts of meetings.

Research Interviews

Allow your team to hear the thoughts of the interviewee directly. Translate interviews for better collaboration. For example, record an interview in German and in 2 minutes have it translated into English.  Transcribe in 24 languages, translate to 24 languages.


Threadeo is incredible! It usually takes an hour to hand-transcribe 15 minutes of audio. Threadeo frees my team to focus on listening and learning rather than typing. Threadeo has changed how we work.”

—Mark, COO,  Texas