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Content Insights

Go from video and audio to insights in minutes.
 Find important information patterns. And all in one view.


Threadeo's AI will transcribe and extract critical information buried in video/ audio files using Natural Language Processing. It will automate formatting to create a structured file ready for domain experts to enhance. The resulting file will be ready for import into business intelligence tools such as Power BI to visualize information patterns. Automate report writing summarizing information in video and audio assets using Natural Language Generation.


 Extract Insights Hidden in Video and Audio

Threadeo’s Content Insights service delivers insights by identifying content signals and information patterns buried in video and audio.


  • Transform information patterns into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues.

  • Visually explore and analyze key word frequency and sentiment. 

  • Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports.

  • Scale across your organization securely.

How it works:

  1. Record or Upload: Record any meeting or conference call that has a US dial-in number (Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and many more), or upload and video and audio files.

  2. Auto Generate Transcript: Threadeo's AI automatically generates a high-quality transcript (in one of 30+ languages) within minutes.

  3. Auto Identify Information: Within this transcript, Natural Language Processing will identify specific moments within the meeting that correspond to actions, follow-ups, and questions. It also identifies key industry or company terms and generates color-coded highlights for each.

  4. Domain Expert Labeling: Domain experts can label data in the transcript for extraction, create clips, and label items for advanced search. This enables a structured file to be generated having both information extracted by AI as well as critical information identified  and labeled by a domain expert.

  5. Structured Data Generation:  Threadeo's AI takes the valuable information it found in unstructured data combined with the information generated by domain experts and creates a structured file ready to be fed into data visualization tools or other AI solutions.

  6. Content Insights: Visualize signals and information patterns within a particular file or your entire library.


Request a demo

Request a demo and learn how Video and Audio Intelligence can help you extract insights from you digital assets.


Easy to Use

Login into Threadeo, click on Record a Call, and add the US based phone #.  Threadeo, will auto-join any meeting via dial in. You can also upload video and audio files to Threadeo.


Easily Edit

Transcribe all calls or video/audio files at machine speed to make them searchable and indexable while highlighting keywords and topics in meetings. Easily make minor edits to perfect the transcript. Review transcripts in minutes and download or print the transcript if needed. Click on any part of the transcript and jump to that part in the video or audio.


Domain Expert Enhancement

Domain experts can label data for extraction, create clips, and label items for advanced search. This enables a structured file to be generated having both information extracted by AI as well as critical information identified  and labeled by a domain expert.


Review Insights

With the AI and domain expert information now structured, this information can be fed to numerous AI tools. Video and Audio can now feed information to the business intelligence ecosystem. 

Content Insights Like Never Before

Customer Meetings

Content Insights records the meeting, creates a full transcript, highlights key sections, and enables you to download the text so you can create follow up emails.  Easily share the meeting with anyone on your team. Translate into another language to ensure your global team is up to speed.

Internal Team Meetings

Content Insights let's you see what's happening during internal status or stand-up meetings in multiple languages full of action items. It enables teams to translate these meetings into other languages to improve communication. Log back into Threadeo to review and listen to key parts of meetings.

Research Interviews

Allow your team to view on one screen the insights and thoughts of the interviewee directly. Translate interviews for better collaboration. For example, record an interview in German and in 2 minutes have it translated into English.  Transcribe in 24 languages, translate to 24 languages.


Threadeo is incredible! It usually takes an hour to hand-transcribe 15 minutes of audio. Threadeo frees my team to focus on listening and learning rather than typing. Threadeo has changed how we work.”

—Mark, COO,  Texas