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Deposition videos, page:lines, trial clips. All in one place.

Manage deposition videos, transcript sync, page:lines, collaboration, reporting, and downloadable trial clips. All using one magical platform: Threadeo.


One magical workflow. Zero mess.

Deposition workflows can be a mess.

Innumerable back-and-forth emails.

Page:lines scattered across different tools.

Version confusion.

Long days. Late nights. Errors. Delays.

Your clients and your team deserve better.

One magical workflow, from deposition to trial.

Upload deposition video.

Get rough transcript in minutes.

Sync certified transcript in seconds.

Create page:lines concurrently with colleagues.

Import page:lines in bulk and assign issue codes.

Discuss specific moments within testimony.

Share page:lines from across multiple depositions.

Select transcript text to create downloadable clips.

Export pleading-ready transcript with page:lines.

A workflow so clean, it feels like magic.

Let your team shine.

With Threadeo, deposition videos, certified transcripts, page:lines, and discussions are always together, always up-to-date, and always accessible.

Less stress on paralegals. Faster deliverables for attorneys. What's not to like?

Inspire your team to do their best with Threadeo.

Ready to clean up your deposition workflow?

From weeks to hours, from days to minutes, from dollars to cents.

See how you can transform your deposition workflows. Request a demo now.