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Financial Analysts: Use AI to get more out of earnings calls, faster

AI-enabled calling.

As a financial analyst, getting high-quality insights on your target companies, and getting them fast, is essential to your role. And earnings calls are a key part of generating those insights.

But earnings calls are long. They’re dense. There’s nuance in them that often may be missed if you’re listening along live and trying to take notes. And sure, you can record them to listen to them again, but we’re willing to bet that hearing reruns of hours of call records isn’t the most engaging part of your job.

What if there was a way to automatically record any earnings call and have a searchable, time-synced transcript that could play back any moment of that call? What if identifying key moments within a call recording was as simple as highlighting the corresponding transcript text? And while we’re at it, what if those highlights could be converted into actual audio & video clips, with captions, that you could share with your colleagues and clients?

“What if” no more. Threadeo can do all this, right now.

Within your Threadeo account, all you have to do is click on the “Record a Call” icon, enter the call-in details, and hit “Record”. Threadeo dials in automatically and records all parties on the line. When the call is done, just hit “Stop”. Threadeo hangs up and instantly starts processing the call: converting it into text, identifying key entities, and making everything searchable, editable, and downloadable -- all within minutes.

This enables you to quickly search for key terms, then click on search results to go to that exact moment within a call. It means you can scan the transcript text for words and click where something interesting is being said, instead of taking notes of timestamps and manually fast-forwarding or rewinding to that point. It means you can quickly annotate the transcript and make notes for yourself or engage others in a discussion.

It’s a whole new way of going through earnings calls. More importantly, it’s a more natural way. Because as humans, we think in terms of concepts and topics that have meaning, rather than timestamps which are just abstract reference points that are in and of themselves meaningless.

Try Threadeo. You’ll see.

Learn more in this short video: