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We help account executives get up to speed faster on new information affecting accounts they cover.

Threadeo starts by transcribing customer calls in minutes and uses machine learning to highlight key words and concepts. It then uses this information to search for and deep link to relevant information in video, audio, and text from earnings calls, SEC docs, youtube videos and news.  Our AI prioritizes the most relevant information to match with the keywords and concepts from the customer calls and compress for maximum utility. Account Executives can highlight any part of a video or audio file to share and collaborate with one click. All accessible for review on mobile.


As more video or audio files are uploaded, our search functionality continues to search many databases to update account executives. All video and audio moments are indexable making it easy to deep link to facts discovered in video and audio assets and insert them into collaboration tools.   How it works:


  1. Threadeo processes audio or video from customer calls at machine speed to create a Smart Transcript.

  2. Threadeo transcribes all video or audio content at machine speed to make it searchable and indexable while highlight keywords and topics based on value of information to prepare it to associate with facts in other databases.

  3. Threadeo searches databases to find relevant facts to augment the AE’s ability to process vast amounts of information faster to become a more valued advisor and sales professional.


Threadeo AI augments the capabilities of AEs by enabling their team to process data faster and improve collaboration.