Threadeo Inc. is a workflow and content transformation company. Our mission is to make professionals worldwide more productive and connected by simplifying workflows and removing language barriers.



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About Threadeo

Why we built Threadeo

We believe continuous learning and growth are critical components to success in business and life. They are the foundation of all success and in the modern age, learning models and tools are evolving rapidly. In particular, an incredible amount of educational content for business and life is now captured in video and audio. But watching all video content is impossible.  We need a better way to find information buried deep inside video and audio and extract knowledge to learn.


We believe that by unlocking the information in video and audio and making it easier to visualize what’s inside, you can better decide what to consume and not, to increase your rate of learning.


We also believe that video and audio needs to be global.  For many years, it’s been difficult to globalize content and make it quickly available in multiple languages. Everyday critical content is recorded in video or audio in one language, but making this available in other languages was time consuming and expensive. We believe the world needs to have the ability to learn faster without language barriers.




We admire content creators. Whether it’s for business or formal education, they help educate the world.  We want to help them share their knowledge in a better way. If we do that, we can achieve our mission. Our mission is to help people learn faster by quickly finding the information they need buried inside video or audio and share that knowledge without language barriers. If we can do that, we believe we’ll increase the rate of learning and up-skilling across the globe.